Saturday, June 26, 2010

No Standing Allowed - A True Story (Whitey RIP)

Part 1

i was out for a walk the other morning
engrossed in thoughts of art and sex (the usual)
when this albino squirrel approached me
he asked for directions to the nearest cash machine
after i explained the way
he thanked me
but before he left he said
"By the way, did you know that you're not wearing any pants?"
i looked down
and he was right
so i took out my notebook and wrote

Part 2

so i was out walking around
not really thinking about too much
ok that's not true
it had snowed the night before
i was weaving back and forth
trying to avoid getting my feet wet
when i stopped
it was the albino squirrel
frozen dead in the middle of the road
i paused and reflected for a minute
on life and death
then i looked around
bent down
and took his wallet
as i walked away
i thought
"that's the last time you'll ever point out that i'm not wearing pants"


NIKKI said...

rhoda ~ thanks for inviting me to your group!

Old 333 said...

Little rat monsters. Fancy tails can't conceal the crazed rodent inside 'em. But a white squirrel....well, easier to spot. (kidding - i don't really hate squirrels, and have never eaten any).

Rhoda...I swear I'm working on that piece! Just one more extension, man...

I should be so lucky, as to have editors demanding work from me. It was a fun fantasy. But to echo Nikki's thanx for the invite, yes. And I am figuring out if I'm ready for a prose extrusion. The disorder is whirling in a purposeful-looking way, anyway.

What do squirrels carry in terms of ready cash?

And were you ready for that wallet in terms of pants? I never manage to follow notes. Or give directions very well. I hope the little bugger made it to the JohnnyCash before he so conveniently expired.

Yes, I am old enough to remember JohnnyCash machines. Sort of frightening, the 80's. Square headlights and industrial mists upon the concrete architecture of the sixties. Dark nights full of the last of the yellow headlights (how the colours of life have changed! More silver, more harsh, and yet more pastel nowadays - Chinese influence?).

Time for me to go and do something at least pretending to be productive. I am sure as hell not cleaning up. Yessirreeeee bob.

Squirrel culture. Hard, short, chittering lives. Stealing from birds. Mating in such a hurry. Awful lives really.

rhoda said...

thanks for joining - and posting so quickly - must be the fastest first post here - look forward to more

whenever you are ready - you realize you can post in installments - most of what is posted here is in installments

NIKKI said...

rhoda ~ what can i say...when invited to a party i show up on time:)

peter ~ you don't wanna know how i held that wallet sans pants;)

Jenny Enochsson said...

Great stuff, talking about surrealism.

"when invited to a party i show up on time" Gee, that sounds just like me, Nikki. I have always said that was a typical Swedish thing. Then I remembered that you are from Minnesota!

NIKKI said...

when you said "darn good" in one of your comments to me i thought, hey that what we minnesotans say and then i thought of where you were from and well...

human being said...

this put a big smile on my face... and made me think too...

liked the strange role of the 'note to self'... a self that is dangerously expanding... you have mirrored the modern self masterly here...

NIKKI said...

"a self that is dangerously expanding"


kathleenmaher said...

I felt sad for the squirrel and wondered about his wallet, which of course his not going to need again.
Pointing out the lack of pants is one thing, and possibly insulting, but it's suggests a variety of garments to me. If the guy lacked underwear, for example, his resentment carries twice the significance.