Monday, April 25, 2011

slade busts out

by horace p sternwall

art direction by rhoda penmarq

illustrated by roy dismas

"you should take a look at the new gazette, miss."

"oh? did i perform last night? or at a matinee this afternoon?"

"no, miss. you spent a quiet evening here at home. and very pleasant it was."

"i thought i remembered doing that. so, why should i read the gazette?

"according to the screaming headines, mister stanley slade has busted out of the state pen."


"mister stanley slade, the international jewel thief. the one who stole the flower of madagascar for you. you remember."

"of course i remember. i remember having to give it back. with the most dreadful publicity."

"why, you always say there is no dreadful publicity."


"especially in this bright new modern world."

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