Thursday, December 8, 2011

I/O: god's hobby

by peter greene

illustrations by rhoda penmarq

 I/O : god's hobby

nobody can get
into heaven: it's empty,  everyone
stepped outside to take in the light and
somebody  left the key
behind, a  soft  click  announcing

 the beginning of things, cunning
lockpicks  fashioned  over millions of years  will
 get  us  back  in  and  that  will  be  the  end
again! then,
One   fine   evening
                         someone  will   suggest

 a   promenade ,on  the  clouds  outside, and
   with   a  knowing   grin
         inside,  we  shall
into  the  fire .

©Peter A. Greene 2011.


Old 333 said...

Thanks, rule.

Dan Leo said...

A luvly pie of words and pictures.