Saturday, February 18, 2012

you say I want a revolution/cleansing (be careful of your bedfellows)

by Peter Greene

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

you say I want a revolution/cleansing (be careful of your bedfellows)

dedicated to a bomb named Little Boy

Kill the Kulaks
in the banks, hear the
klancs of the locks as we put them away for their greedy crimes. in
warmer climes, we've got war: and a man has to finish his business.
at home we adhere to family values: love of country and collect
Norman rockwells, build (b1b) airplane models

dream of softball summers and   beer with the fellas  and    pie
watermelon ice cream pik nik holidays
 abroad we think of 
funny names for our weapons, endear
ourselves to others by
taking their stuff.

Once we have finished
rebuilding™ this nation, we'll

get back to you on that matter of breakage: sorry
about your nuclear plant, that   lovely- coloured
"revolution" your civilian

airliner and/or your
scientist (sign here, for no insurance): we
wouldn't have done this
if you hadn't made us, but
sorry anyway. A little. We'll

see you soon, re
branded: no
more corruption in our ranks (and our banks): we'll

just kill you kleanly from here    OK?

paint the drones white
or something

©Peter A. Greene 2012.


practical industrial applications said...

Rhoda and Peter: Awesome collaboration!

Peter Greene said...

thanks nikki and thanks rhoda! you are my supreme illustrator...that was amazing.