Sunday, March 4, 2012

the fourteenth princess - chapter 5: helga

by emily de villaincourt

illustrated by rhoda penmarq and roy dismas

sabine sat on the bed, looking over the complete rules.

"any questions?"

"can you answer them?"

"i can try. my name is helga, by the way."

"i am sure i am pleased to meet you, helga. i am sabine."

"yes, i know."

"are we going to be seeing a lot of each other?"

"oh, yes. read the rules and you will see just how much." helga sat down on the edge of the bed. sabine didn't move away.

sabine glanced back down at the rules. "it says we are to have guards at all times. it doesn't say you - you, personally - are to be my guard. it doesn't mention names."

"i will spend most of my time on duty guarding you."

" who decides that?"

"i do. i am in charge of the guards. sort of." helga looked down. "not officially, officially prue is in charge of everything. but she will let me handle things day by day."


"yes. i can read and write, for one thing. most of the other girls can't. but who knows why - she just likes me. anyway i can pretty much do as i wish."

"and you wish to guard me."

"yes i do."

"and why is that, pray tell?"

"because the first time i saw you i knew you were the one for me."

"oh, a passionate type, my dear." sabine laughed up and looked up but helga wasn't smiling.

"yes, a very passionate type."

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