Monday, June 18, 2012

what a strange house i live in!

by nooshin azadi

illustration by rhoda penmarq


what a strange house i live in!

i hear knocks at the door
but no one shows up
when i open it

the telephone rings
but nobody is on the line
when i answer it

i find my mailbox crammed with letters
but all are signed anonymous

my neighbors wave at me
but never talk to me
and when i wave back
they rush into their houses
and lock the door

no vehicles or pedestrians travel
along the road in front on my house
but all through the night
i hear cars honking
bicycles ringing
and people shouting

one of these days i will pack
and leave this strange house
to live in another place
even i may choose
to reside in a lonely cave
all by myself

loneliness is better than living with ghosts
silence better than senseless noise



Dan Leo said...

Excellent and beautiful, both words and illustration.

Peter Greene said...

I'm actually all for senseless (hard to spell that sh&t!) noise. I have some on the crappy little house stereo now.