Sunday, July 22, 2012

pastoral - 3. the escape

by quinette de quieroz

illustrated by roy dismas and rhoda penmarq

from renaldo, marquis of y----------, to daphne, countess of v--------------:

my dearest friend -
the delight i feel on hearing from you is sorely tempered by the distress i feel on your behalf. and on poor colin's and clovis's behalf! i recall many happy hours spent with them. please assure them, and the other swains and shepherdesses, of my most heartfelt sympathies.


your friend,


p s inspired by their plight, i was moved to compose this attempt at verse in a centuries old tradition. i fear we may be entering a new dark age, in which such civilized amusements are no longer even attempted, and i lay this humble sprig upon the pyre of art and beauty.

sunset: a pastoral

see how the little bumblebee
flits from flower to flower
all too unsuspecting
this is his final hour

before the fleecy cloud above
has crossed the placid sun
our industrious little friend
his labors will have done

ah colin! as you pipe your tune
cast your wandering eye
upon your humblest companions
beneath the cerulean sky

and sigh to know
and sigh to sing
the pitiless truth
the setting sun will bring

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