Monday, March 11, 2013

tales of the hotel st crispian, chapter 100: "endless night"

by horace p sternwall and manfred skyline

illustrated by konrad kraus, danny delacroix and eddie el greco

editorial consultant: Prof. Dan Leo

williams the butler looks out the window of the collinson residence on w 86th street.

is it his imagination or is there something or someone in the shadows?

inside the apartment cosima collinson wonders whether it was really worth it to hire the detective fortescue

to protect the upcoming exhibition by the celebrated pete palomine

as fortescue heads back downtown accompanied by the restless suburbanite carol chandler

who after a stimulating adventure earlier that evening,

and after a fight at the apartment of her friends peter and estelle,

has left her husband michael aka henry to his own devices,

which have led him to the prince hal room of the venerable hotel st crispian,

where he has encountered the pulp writer harold p sternhagen

who in turn has abandoned him in order to approach the celebrated chanteuse shirley de la salle

the singer for the st crispian house band , tony winston and his winstonians,

leaving michael to the company of some of the hotels long term residents,

notably the former flapper miss caroline collinson

and her crony lord wolverington

as well as remittance man "farmer brown"

and pulp science fiction writer fred flynn,

who wishes he were accompanying harold and shirley, who have just left the bar

with the mysterious mr burgoyne and mr o'toole,

whom he would never suspect of not only being aliens who have just arrived on earth

but of being aliens who have been introduced to some of the planet's more esoteric pleasures

by the hipsters landon "rooster" crow and alice "sniffy" smith

who are doing some waiting of their own at bob's bowery bar for the "two bills"

who might be having problems of their own after leaving the automat

under the indifferent gazes of change attendant and aspiring novelist polly powell

and crusading reporter flossie flanagan,

who has not had much luck getting information from

the celebrated actress hyacinth wilde

about her involvement with the international jewel thief stanley slade,

who has just escaped from prison,

and who, if flossie only knew, is hiding in room 603 of the hotel st crispian,

aided and abetted now by his new friend the chambermaid cosette,

and is waiting with growing impatience for his cohort jake the bellhop

who is returning from an errand at a drugstore on seventh avenue,

accompanied by lullaby lewinsky, whom he met at an all night diner

where he stopped to introduce himself to the legendary miss gayle warning.

lullaby is trying to interest jake in the story of

his old army acquaintance corporal gray, who is also the subject of

the suddenly awakened memories of williams,

the butler at the collinson residence,

where young conrad collinson

and frisco johnny ramirez continue their discussion

of conrad's new career as a boxer, the prospect of which

has arisen from their altercation earlier that evening

inspired by johnny's choice of words about

the mysterious angie, who has disappeared

after causing conrad the embarrassment

of being arrested on charges of drug smuggling and white slavery

and whose whereabouts are being sought by the private detectives vic vance and lou gracchus

who have been hired on conrad's behalf by the lawyer will wiley

all of whom would be surprised to know that angie is back in town

where, after enlisting the services of cabdriver philip pirrip aka mac

she has been placed in the blue suite of the hotel st crispian

by the night clerk roland

and where she has secured the tentative loyalties of olaf the doorman

and chester the bellhop

before heading out to the poker game at red's west side diner

where after finding her old friend the radical agitator ambrose

behind the wheel of yet another cab,

she encounters another old acquaintance

the independent entrepreneur tommy sullivan,

who is also curious as to the current whereabouts of stan slade,

as is mister nolan, the house detective at the hotel st crispian.

but stan's secret is safe with mortimer the elevator operator,

who dozes in his chair beside the elevator,

dreaming in the endless night

in the city that never sleeps

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