Sunday, May 12, 2013

mother's day: 4 takes

illustrations provided by penmarq studios


by ali blue

moms are nice
not once or twice
but day after day
in every way

they are old and wise
and bake cookies and pies
and look you in the eyes
without surprise

because they have seen it all
and like you to call
and give them a smile
once in a while

and send them a card
is that so hard?
and call a little more often
before they occupy a coffin

moms are nice
not once or twice
but day after day
in every way

cookies and brownies

by jerri brown

my mom was nice.

i liked her a lot.

most people didn't, though.

she was kind of boring.

and had kind of a silly laugh, and suddenly laughed at strange moments, which disconcerted people.

when she was younger she was proud of having raised five children, and of being a good cook and baker, especially of cookies and brownies.

as she got older she started to feel that people laughed at her for these very accomplishments.

i told her not to worry about it, because times changed, and what could you do?

when i tried to ask her if any particular people had said anything to her or made fun of her, i could never get a straight answer. she would change the subject.

she started watching television a lot, especially reality shows.

despite my hints and urgings, she stopped baking, even brownies, which was too bad, because they were really good.

and it wasn't like i even lost any weight, because i just went to a bakery and bought brownies anyway.

well, that's about it.

mother's day

by hetti green

my mom was nice.

i liked her.

when i was growing up i didn't pay much attention to her.

she was the classic mad housewife (on speed) betty friedan generation feminist, and after my sister and i left home she started writing poetry and got very active in various movements, especially the pro-choice movement.

one day my sister said something kind of sneering to her about this. this was not long after we moved out, and the three of us were back in the apartment for some reason - mother's day? i didn't have a tape recorder with me, she said something like "what a way to spend your life."

and mom said something like "what, don't you believe in a woman's right to her own body?"

and geraldine said something like "i just think there's something disgusting about dedicating your whole existence to the slaughter of helpless creatures. even ted bundy or idi amin took a day off once in a while."

this probably sounds more dramatic than it was. geraldine was always snippy and liked to argue, nobody took her that seriously.

anyway, after that we never saw a whole lot of each other. but people drift apart.

they just do. they don't need any reasons.

it is just the way it is.


by timmy t jones

originally posted in all humans are the same on june 17, 2009

my mom was a nice lady
i really liked her a lot
we went for long rides together
when it was cool, and when it was hot

one day we went for a drive
further than we usually went
we came to an old gas station
its sign was faded and bent

there beside the station
was an old fashioned general store
i had the strangest feeling
that i had never been there before

inside was an old cooler
filled with sasparilla and coke
i put my hand in the freezing water
and a voice from the shadows spoke

"you got to pay up, mister
before you put your hand in there"
the proprietor lurched like a grizzly
from a quivering rocking chair

i had never encountered such behavior
in all my pristine days
the terrible creature glared at me
i could not hold his gaze

i bought a bottle of ginger ale for mom
and a royal crown cola for myself
i thought i saw two yellow eyes
high up on a dusty shelf

the sun was shining like an oil slick
on the roof of battered tin
though we traveled the whole state over
we never went there again

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