Saturday, August 10, 2013

3 poems

illustrations by penmarq studios


by horace p sternwall

dante wrote about heaven and hell
things he presumed to know very well
in his smooth and elegant rhymes
he chronicled all things and all times

he knew the living and the dead
all were lined up in his head
saints and sinners, early and late
he assigned them each a fate

and when the final judgment sounds
and st peter makes his last go round
and the check is cashed for the human race
no smile will flit across dante's face

as he stands beneath old eden's tree
unfazed by any mystery -
all very edifying, no doubt
but what did he really think about?

i bet dante had some folks back home
and a little gal he could call his own
and a faithful dog who trotted by his side
and a favorite chair by the fireside

a home cooked meal and a hearty brew
a good cigar would be welcome too
when curfew tolled at the end of day
heaven and hell would be far away

love poem

by chuck leary

oh mary anne, i love you
i love you oh so much
though i can not express myself
with ten dollar words and such

i know i'm not much to look at
and i can't sing or dance
but i will love you forever
if you just give me a chance

sometimes life is a thunderstorm
sometimes a raging stream
and yet it goes by quickly
like a saturday afternoon dream

love is the answer to a question
that should never have to be asked
i would tell you how much i love you
but i'm just not up to the task

oh mary anne, i love you
i love you oh so much
though i can not say what i feel
with ten dollar words and such

the fire

by mary c fogg

is a beast
cries when it

is fed and
wants more, strains

against death

lives on in
ashes, like

memories -
at last the

ashes grow
cold, and blow

away, like
the lives of

the few who

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