Wednesday, February 25, 2015

three (poems to be read upside down to each other

three (poems to be read upside down to each other:
shit company media forum driving leading conversation

                             (hoarder )

        every body
        at the party
        was stealing
           my ideas
         there were some famous
        artists there , i had to put a
        sign up saying
          join my clique this
        was before the tele phony
        net now
        it's all flickering screens, pic
        tures of lunches  i will never
       eat; all my true images
       are hidden in shame now, in
       a pile of 
       empties , away from pry ing
       eyes and thieving fingers full of pens and brushes.

       some people think it's sick
   not wanting to share a glass is
   not a disorder ,i don't want
   whatever your oral is in mine,
   any time
   you can kiss the mirror
   i'm content to go thirsty

why don't we hunt with
          darts?when the
alien over lords
         consume  my flesh , i'd
sure like to be

                        what you thought then 
          the fire spread through the seedlings
          it reached their hearts, they cried
          we shall never stand as forest
          trees, let us remain forever
          green and yielding , better
          a barren plain then
          loss of freedom

©Peter A. Greene 2015

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