Thursday, April 14, 2016

my mom

by anonymous

illustrations by eddie el greco

i always thought my mom was a nice person.

there were basically two reasons - one, that she never beat me even though i was a total asshole of a kid.

and two, she had a couple of cats and a dog and she always fed them and treated them right.

but recently, i was talking to a woman that my mom worked with at a supermarket for a long time and she told me a couple of things that made me wonder if i was wrong.

the first thing , she said my mom lent her a book once that she never gave back and that my mom told her was the greatest book she ever read.

the book was the fountainhead by ayn rand!

and this woman also told me that my mom's favorite book as a kid was - little black sambo!

i thought it was kind of strange that my mom never mentioned these books to me, but why would the woman lie?

also my mom and i never talked much except for her telling me how stupid and full of shit i was, though as i say i was pretty hard to take and she never beat me.

here i was starting to think maybe i was in the wrong with her but maybe she was just as much in the wrong or more, you know?

anyway, it just goes to show you never really know about people.


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