Wednesday, September 29, 2010

paths... (5)

by human being

illustrations by rhoda penmarq and human being

fifth of five parts

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if the path is blocked by stones
i'll become water

بر سر راهم اگر سنگ بود
آب می شوم

if the path is blocked by water
i'll become the wind

بر سر راهم اگر آب بود
باد می شوم

if the path is blocked by the wind
i'll disappear into thin air

بر سر راهم اما اگر باد بود
نیست می شوم


my heart
to the rhythm of the path


along the path
i always find some generous hands
growing among thistles


sometimes i sit on a rock by the road
and watch people pass by

she's a beggar, some say
and throw some coins for me
i pick them up
one by one
to watch
then i throw them back to their owners
but they never land in their hands
or at their feet
in midair they change into butterflies
and fly off
she's a trickster, some say

if you happen to sit on a rock by the road
ask it
and it will tell you who i really am


i never leave a trail on the path
to find the way back home

all paths are circles
all goings are returns


i turn
and turn
yet i go upper and upper

my mind gathers 'n gains
my heart joyfully unlearns


just when the path turns in re
you find the secrets of the uni


Jesse.s.mitchell said...

more awesome sh*t. I love the work you guys do!

human being said...

thanks a lot!
the 'awe' part goes to timmy's precious artworks
and the 'some' part to crow's ramblings...

Old 333 said...

Really great.

human being said...

really appreciate your feedback, dear friend...