Tuesday, November 16, 2010


by old 333

illustrations by rhoda penmarq


if i was a head in a jar
the cat would try to fish and get me
i'd wake at night to the cling, cling, cling
of claws on curious glass - 

if i was a head in a jar
i'd hate it when you left me facing the wall,
by accident, and went out, and i had to 
look at the wall all the time

if i was a head in a jar, i wouldn't sleep
i'd just stay awake and watch everything,

if i was a head in a jar, i'd like
a little tank
with little treads
and little crab claws to get things with
and look at them
and i'd like a best friend
maybe we'd go for a holiday on the sea-bed,
in our little tanks,
looking out of our jars

if i was a head in a jar,
i'd go far
in demand as a lecturer, mountaineer, and pirate
all these things and more
if only i was 
just a head in a jar.

Peter Greene 2010.


Jesse.s.mitchell said...

very nice

kathleenmaher said...

nagaraj Raj left this on google buzz
(which I don't check very often):
I concur, old 333.