Friday, December 17, 2010

2. of birds and humans...

by human being

illustration by rhoda penmarq


something white left the green tree
and started swimming in the blue sky
said the mother
the child watched the bird as it disappeared

the child's feet left the sidewalk
and started running in the street
they were stopped by the father
shouting at him:
- what are you doing?
the child looked at his guilty feet
and said, bird!

the child's hand
holding a piece of chalk
left the blackboard
his line continued its journey over the walls of the classroom
it was stopped by the teacher
slapping him:
- what are you doing?
the child looked at his guilty hands
and said, bird!

the child left his feet and hands
in the bed
closed his eyes
and dreamed of a bird



Dan Leo said...


Very nice...

Old 333 said...

Nothing a little lithium wouldn't fix...

it was a nice poem, thanks for it, human - categories are for suckers, even at the species level.

human being said...

dear Dan Leo...
I bow to the bird in you...
very nice leaves no ice!

dear Old Peter...
yes... positivism is the chronic disease of our scientific world... many invaluable concepts and souls are lost in the process of categorization...
and the only thing that can fix our mood is our mind... drugs just push the problem under the rug...
thanks for your precious words...