Monday, February 7, 2011



the intersecting streets are empty 
a red footprint has stopped on the sixth line of the zebra crossing
the traffic light goes green
there are no cars to pass
the yellow curtain behind a window at the corner ripples
a little boy is craning his neck
to watch the street over the windowsill
but the only thing he can see is
the blue sky



Old 333 said...

I really, really liked that. Thanks, human being.


Dan Leo said...

...the zebra crossing...

human being said...

and i really, really like your encouraging comments, dear Old Peter... thank you!

and thank you, dear Dan Leo for reading!
yeah... the zebra crossing... :)

Anonymous said...

I like this one, too.

human being said...

a very belated thank you to you, my dearest Kelly... guess you know about the conditions here!
love to you