Wednesday, February 2, 2011

thE leglesS ladY iS stilL followinG mE...


i gavE heR mY legS toO
buT alaS!
shE didn'T knoW hoW tO walK!
iF shE diD, i should'T havE seeN heR arounD



Francis Scudellari said...

Maybe you need to lend her your understanding and experience too :).

Old 333 said...

Little carts with little wheels the legless dames did steal - and then, the squealing of their unoiled casters was heard all around the town, for, mobile, they formed a nasty gang. Pummel you in the belly and stab you in the foot - and they killed Bukowski's Loser just for a few stained bearings and a lark (he had been saving the lark for his dinner).

Freaky poem, human being - as always, want more!

human being said...

ahhhh... my dear friends! i forgot to warn the readers not to leave any comments on this post... now she comes and haunts you... or perhaps she already did!

Francis... understaning is love... and experience comes with understanding... she cannot love... she just possesses... ;)
and... ahem! you mean crow is understanding and experienced?! she is soaring... :D

dear Old Peter... i read your comment more than ten times... rejoicing in the way you expressed your deep understanding... i've read a few works by bukowski... each time envious of his ability to insult poetically...


Old 333 said...

Haunting? I wouldn't call what her and me did 'haunting'. I'll leave a new comment every night.

human being said...

ah... so you are hunting!