Thursday, January 26, 2012

there's a light...

this is the fifteenth

of a series of poems by nooshin azadi

derived from drawings by rhoda penmarq


there's a light
in the window
perhaps the faraway star is a window too!
who's standing there behind it?

does the light from a gun come from a window too?
will the one standing behind it shine like a faraway star too?

a light in a window
and a light in a heart
a faraway star always travels with me

with me

with me

how lonesome is the one
who's got no light in his heart!
how sad!

yeah, the faraway light
might be a window!
who's standing there behind it?
could it be you?

can you see the lightless hearts
invading the land?
can you hear the marching boots
chanting hand in hand?

i kept a light on
for you to come
but you didn't

you betrayed even the moon
who lit the road all night long
for you to come

you didn't come
but they did

the lightless hearts
are invading the land
i can hear them

soon they will come to me
soon they will

i should take the cat
and flee into the dark
i'll take no light with me
i'll take no light

a faraway star always travels with me


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