Wednesday, January 4, 2012

variations on a theme

by horace p sternwall

illustrations by roy dismas

the first stanza is from an ozark folk song, "the hound dog song".

it was used as the campaign song of vice-presidential candidate champ clark in 1912.

for one set of complete lyrics, see here

every time i go to town
the boys keep kicking my dog around
even though he's just a hound
they got to stop kicking my dog around

every time i go to school
the teacher beats me with her rule
even though i'm just a fool
she's got to stop beating me with her rule

every time i go to sadie's
i get disrespected by the ladies
even though i may have rabies
i shouldn't get dumped on by those ladies

when i go down to the general store
pappy greets me with a snore
even though i'm just a bore
he ought to be too polite to snore

every time my birthday comes
i get myself a big steel drum
even though i'm just a bum
they got to listen when i beat my drum

every time i fall down drunk
i hit the sidewalk with a clunk
even though i'm not a monk
it feels much better when i'm drunk

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Dan Leo said...

Brilliant. But we expect no less from Horace.