Sunday, May 27, 2012

fenwick - 2. strawberries

by minette de montfort

illustrated by roy dismas

i accepted my bag of strawberries from the insolent master of the roadside fruit stand, and nodded adieu to costermayne.

but costermayne was not to be nodded adieu to. the fellow actually grabbed my arm to prevent me from leaving him.

"to start life anew," he repeated in his most offensive tone. "a curious expression, is it not? why, asks the philosopher, would one wish to to start life anew? would not one's infinite fund of joyous and happy memories be wiped out at one swipe? who would wish for that, eh?"

"a most fascinating topic for discussion," i responded with as much iciness as i could muster. "for another time, perhaps." but the brute persisted in leeching himself to me.

"another time? what other time? what other time is there?" he fixed my eyes with his baleful blue ones. "what is time? what can time be to you, muggles, if you are spending it in here at a fruit stand by the side of the road, here in county k---------, in the year of our lord 1------, under an uncharacteristically blue sky, as a gentle breeze wafts from the bay? eh?"

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