Tuesday, April 2, 2013


by regina osgood stapledon

illustrations by konrad kraus

ecstacy! o ecstacy!
why will you not visit me?
must i spend my lonely days
untouched by love's effulgent rays?

while all the world is aflame and aflutter
my soul lies lifeless in the gutter
i hear the newsboy's happy cry
i see the bluebird sweep the sky

as pigeons plump devour the crumbs
beneath the benches blessed by sleeping bums
and ladies with hats supremely flowered
hasten to spend entrancing hours

with lovers who make time disappear
with the sugared words they yearn to hear
the river of time flows happily by
for them - but not for i

must i always play the part
assigned by him who broke my heart
to watch through windows streaked with dust
a world that always tramples trust?

to turn at last with lifeless eyes
to don my regular disguise
of cheerful walk and smiling face
and walk through life - but leave no trace

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