Tuesday, April 16, 2013

tales of the hotel st crispian, chapter 105: "i'll have to talk to my friend"

by horace p sternwall and manfred skyline

illustrated by danny delacroix and eddie el greco

editorial consultant: Prof. Dan Leo

jake's head hurt. it had been a long night - and it was not over yet.

he had lost track of lullaby lewinsky's tale of meeting corporal gray in times square and his rambling account of his and gray's - or was it just gray's? - exciting adventures in war-torn europe - and was there any point to it all? at all?

finally, the venerable hotel st crispian loomed up ahead.

up on the sixth floor of the hotel, stan slade was standing to the side of the broken window in room 603 and looking down at the dimly lit street.

"come on, jake, where are you?" he turned to cosette, who was sitting on the bed. "i must have been out of my mind to trust him."

cosette came over and looked out. "you want me to go look for him? i can ask to get off early, it's slow tonight."

"thanks for the offer, but if he didn't go to the drugstore he could be anywhere by now. he could be on a bus to d c, to talk to j edgar hoover."

"maybe you should think about getting out of here."

"yeah, maybe i should."

cosette thought for a few seconds. " there are a couple of empty rooms on the third floor."

"it might be better if i got out of the hotel. i just wish i had somewhere good to go."

"that's up to you."

stan went away from the window and sat back down on the bed. "maybe you should go up and see if hyacinth is back."

cosette peered down the street. "wait - i think i see him now."


"and he's got somebody with him."

"what !? it's got to be a cop."

"no, wouldn't the cops come in a car?"

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