Wednesday, July 10, 2013

3 poems

illustrations by penmarq studios

sonnet to rosa luxemburg

by author unknown

o rosa, when the world is new
and fascists no longer thrive
the workers will look back on you
and wish you were still alive

rosa, when you walked the earth
your truth was met with scorn
but soon a new world will come forth
with the human race reborn

what monument could tell the tale
of all your wandering?
The sleepless nights in garret and jail
no bard could ever sing

look! a new star in the sky - brighter than astarte'
It is the torch you held aloft - for the party!

i dreamed i went to hippie heaven

by hortense "blue star" sternwall

the devils dance and the angels sing
because violence never solved anything
and cherubs brimming with peace and love
will kindly give you a final shove

from the rain slick rail of the bridge of sighs
and as you sail down in your final disguise
your black mustache and your goo goo eyes
your crafty truths and your pathetic lies

the star-eyed children of the frozen deep
will welcome you to your final sleep
and mermaids with flowers in their hair
will smile as you enter their watery lair

i don't mean to be pick-nitical
because who am i to be critical
but wouldn't it all be a bore
if we had all been there before

and all the same dragons and all the same gods
played the same old cards with the same odds
and all the games were fixed
and there were no new tricks

sonnet ccxlvii

by horace p sternwall

balancing a perfect cabbage
on his finely manicured nail
the cardinal engaged in badinage
in a shower of icy hail

on the steps of the cathedral
as a succulent roasted quail
waited in the dining hall
prior to the final sale

of king herod's last crown jewels
(but that is another tale)
and salome, famously cruel
to all hapless human males

danced above the altar's flames
as the cabbage ate saint james