Friday, July 19, 2013

gertrude - 5. the woman in the blue dress

by dorine de santos

illustrated by eddie el greco and danny delacroix

editorial consultant: Prof. Dan Leo

the mountain had turned upside down in the rain, like a branch floating in a swollen stream, and gertrude was walking through the clouds with her favorite sheep, the one which had been carried off by a wolf the previous winter.

the old woman was a rock and was waiting for her on the other side of the mountain.

the rain was not getting them wet, but they had to stay on the clouds to keep it from doing so.

suddenly the sheep turned into a gray cat and the clouds disappeared.

saint james and the archangel and a third person - a young woman in a long blue dress - appeared out of the rain. saint james pointed to gertrude and the other two laughed.

gertrude woke up. she immediately forgot the dream, as she always did. nor did she wonder "was it a dream?" she never did.

something was pressed up against her - not a sheep or a dog.

it was dark - pitch dark. she was in a hut, and could hear a very light rain beating on the roof of the hut.

she remembered she had accepted the offer of denise, the sheep-shearing girl, to spend the night in her hut. it was denise who was pressed up against her, with her left arm across gertrude's back. they were both lying on a straw pallet in the middle of the hut.

there were no windows in the hut, and only one door, which must have been shut tightly as no light was coming in from the edges of it.

gertrude gently pushed denise's arm off of herself, and sat up in the darkness.

she had never slept so close to another person, when the old woman was alive they would sometime sleep together in the hut on winter nights but with gertrude in a corner and the old woman in front of the door.

she remembered denise giving her some food on a plate and herself eating more than she had ever eaten at one time in her life before. and denise laughing at her because she ate so little.

and denise had given her a little cup of what she called wine. gertrude had heard of wine before, but had never tasted it.

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