Sunday, December 15, 2013

pals, part 7: resolution

by horace p sternwall

illustrated by konrad kraus

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though they did not exactly fly
the days did in fact go by
despite some pathetic half hearted resolutions
to life i had no solutions

and it went on as before
with no crescendo or roar
and try try as i might
against my fate i could not fight

every night jane
walked through my brain
again and again and again
not really driving me insane

i was too defeated for that
so i finally put on my hat
and one night made my way back to ray's
i still remembered the way

nothing seemed to have changed
nothing had to be explained
bertha was behind the bar as usual
as always smiling and schmoozical

henry and jane were there
at me they did not stare
but gave me a cursory nod
as if they did not find my presence odd

henry continued what he had to say
as if never noticing i had been away
and jane listened to him intently
she had also not noticed i was gone evidently

or more likely they just didn't care
so i sat down in my chair
then decided i really needed a drink
so off to the bar i did slink

i could hear them chattering away
as they probably had every day
with complete obliviousness
to my disappearance so unmysterious

o henry couldn't you see
that jane meant everything to me
i thought you were my friend
but you brought my life to an end

i returned with my drink to the table
as i was perfectly able
and though my brain feebly resisted
it was if i had never existed

we walk through life in a dream
too polite to scream
too disciplined and well bred
until the waters close over our head

the end

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