Thursday, April 13, 2017


by corrine delmonico

illustrations by jacqueline lemot

this is national poetry month
and you don’t even care
but i have a little poem
which i would like to share

people are bad most of the time
won’t throw you a nickel or a lousy dime
if they see you starving in the steeet
they will use you to wipe their feet

o humans if you only knew
that everybody is just like you
lost in the cosmos so mysterious
you would not take yourselves so serious

and as you stumble through life’s fogs
give a thought to cats and dogs
lizards, frogs, and all creatures
who, if you look, have much to teach us

the universe around us spins
a merry-go-round of crimes and sins
but watch out for those trillions of eyes
who see right through your sad disguise

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