Monday, October 3, 2011

even in the mOst ObliviOus chambers...

this is the fourteenth

of a series of poems by nooshin azadi

derived from drawings by rhoda penmarq

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even in the mOst ObliviOus chambers
there is always a windOw

a windOw Opening tO new minds
whOse expanse is expOnentially extending

they can feel the dorMant Wings of flight
or hear the SongS not yet compoSed

a third eye!
this windOw will becOme
anOther eye
ever watching
in yOu
with yOu
for yOu

with yOur Own innOcent inexperienced pair Of eyes
you witness jOurneys of all sOrts
and travelers frOm all walks of life

sOmetimes they invite yOu tO a new CirCular presenCe
helping you leave your OviCular absenCe

on some previously-rare-but-now-quite-frequent occasions, you may encounter a straight line cantankerously intolerant
of any CUrvatUre or crooKedNess

with his pretentiously pompous pointer, he shows you the straight path which, as all psychics and mystics believe, always passes thrOugh yOu

as well as all Other CirCles and Ovals:
piercing is hugely popular these days!

with One eye
you lOOk at yOur CirCle Of friends
Or better tO say, yOur friendly CirCles

with the Other, you watch the path that passes through you, or in other words,
the you that passes through the path

don't let bewilderment forK your Voice, Vision and Virtue
not all games end in checkmate
there is always a third eye -
even in the mOst ObliviOus chambers
there is always a windOw
Open it
to defenestrate
your dubious thoughts!