Wednesday, October 26, 2011


by nooshin azadi

illustration by rhoda penmarq


she was still walking
on the path
that never ended
i caught up with her
and put the grail in front of her
this time she didn't ask any questions
she simply started to drink
i found myself confident enough
to caress her shiny scales
suddenly the road coiled up
and it started to hail

neither of us ran for shelter from the storm
i felt wings flapping behind my neck



Dan Leo said...


Mariana Soffer said...

Beautifull, words.

You are so wise
you see so clear

you even stop
just before,
they get the word
to justify the horror,
they are "entitled" to cause

but I know
you will go forward
you ll go on
at least until
your work is done.

being so free and so real
you give me hope
to keep trying to
make those who suffer, to heal.

rhoda said...

forwarded from nooshin azadi:

dearest Mariana...
thanks for such a poetic and impressive comment... means a lot to crow! :)

the only movement i experience
is sinking

in my rare non-euclidean dreams
it can be felt as moving forward... forward... forward...

you say i give you hope
ah... you help me dream more... more... more..