Friday, October 28, 2011

the suicide ray

by peter greene

illustrations by rhoda penmarq

the suicide ray

the chinese have perfected it, and the russians
and us, and anyone else
with access to the files and a will to
want this way: whole cities, regular rates of
self-demise: it's defense-related, you see it in their eyes

when the suicide rays are getting to them
at first more gentlemen
than ladies but soon everyone
will be talking about it to their doctor and soon
we'll all be dead, save for the
lone operator of the installation
that, in each case
is causin g this

©Peter Greene 2011.


Dan Leo said...

Now why didn't Horace P. Sternwall write a novel with this title?

Old 333 said...

Dan, I'll rent it out to his restless shade...reasonable terms.