Thursday, September 2, 2010

the spotless bicycle, chapter 4: a sobering misadventure

by rhoda penmarq

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after sipping her coffee and scowling at the zombies for another couple of hours,

mrs crunch stood up and motioned for iphelia and her friends to follow her.

they moved up the stairs

and past the colonel's bedroom

up another flight of stairs to the linen cupboard

where mrs crunch set them to inspecting sheets for moths and refolding them

meanwhile downstairs the zombies were drawing closer to the verandah

suddenly they rushed upon mister moseby

and dragged him away

protesting ineffectually

beauregard observed the proceedings from the upstairs window

and enquired about the prospects for mister moseby's rescue

the housekeeper answered dismissively

and they continued with the sheets and linen

the day wore on

until iphelia offered to help prepare lunch

and mrs crunch grudgingly accepted


the zombies came upon the urglaut sleeping under a magnolia tree

he had left the bicycle leaning carelessly against a moss covered boulder

the zombies were entranced by its brightness

and ignored mister moseby as he staggered away

by the time he stumbled back through the swamp

night had fallen

and dinner was being served - a spartan repast consisting of a single roast pig, and some cold ham, chicken, turkey and venison

but his ordeal had spoiled mister moseby's appetite

and he soon retired

intimating he would not be taking iphelia and her friends anywhere any time soon


Dan Leo said...

I'm so glad Mr. Moseby escaped. Thank God for the bicycle.

kathleenmaher said...

I'm glad he retired and didn't eat too much roast pig.

human being said...

i'm just thinking how the presence of one thing changes the course of events... what would happen to moseby if the zombies didn't notice the bicycle?
and what if he could take away iphelia and her friends...

ah... this bicycle feels like fate...