Friday, September 3, 2010

paths... (2)

by human being
illustrations by rhoda penmarq

second of five parts

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my journey
an awakening into my dream

my dream
the journey into awakening

anything i find on my path
has got a lesson for me

each lesson i learn
another lesson i should unlearn

is when i believe i must obey all the rules

is when i find out i can break them all

water never decides about its path
it just flows

on my way
i came across difficulty
blocking the road
i embraced him
 - so tight -

and kissed him
- so hard -
and passed through him

as simple as that

on my way
i came across my first child
- my parents -

i watched them grow
as i grew up

silence is not always a void
it might mean many are listening

in all its colors
is nothing
but a dialog

be it between an electron and a proton
or between me and the cosmos

part 3


Old 333 said...

Pretty cool. The pictures are intuitive and amazing, too.

human being said...

i'm honored you chose to read this series too...
yes me too always find timmy's illustrations so profound...