Friday, July 2, 2010

                               moonsnake climb

             There are certain things
              that are only active
              in a bright silver moon ,the kind that comes
              between three , and four. Mistletoe
              and lemurs, for one -(and another)- and there are many others,
              who wake ,and listen , and grow in this
               luminescence - look about
                with large quiet eyes, crick crack leaves open,
                move in a subtle way
                around the trunk of a tree - even thus
                the moonsnake climbs, only to wait
                  through dark or heat, sometimes weeks
                before another hour like this.



human being said...

the mood of this work is so overwhelming... like it a lot!

corfubob said...

Moonsnake. If I remember this word and the beautiful mirage you painted,the visit will have been well worth while. thanks for posting.