Monday, July 26, 2010

the spotless bicycle, chapter 2: an excellent concoction

by rhoda penmarq

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iphelia and her friends searched over a thirty meter radius of the swamp for the owner of the bicycle

but found no one to claim it

they decided to ride it to the fervid-st john house

whose housekeeper, mrs crunch

though surly and unapproachable

made the best lemonade in the swamp

iphelia politely enquired as to the secret of this excellent concoction

but mrs crunch answered her questions with other questions

a practice iphelia thought rather rude, but was too well bred herself to challenge

in contrast to iphelia's own house, the wide verandah of the fervid-st john house was sparsely populated

and they passed a pleasant afternoon watching the shadows pass over the yew trees

colonel fervid-st john, the master of the house, lay upstairs, where he had been slowly expiring from his honourable wounds for many decades

attended by his faithful companion, moseby

as evening approached, a mischievous urglaut, who had been eyeing the bicycle from the shadows, stealthily approached

and made off with it

and rode into the depths of the dark swamp

serenely indifferent to the cries of the zombies and crocodiles that assailed him from all sides

iphelia, beaugard and charisse were left with no choice but to impose on the hospitality of colonel fervid-st john, and stay the night

they enjoyed a sober but filling repast in the second dining room.

followed by an even more sober game of whist.

afterwards, beaugard and charisse were given the seldom used but meticulously maintained presidential suite, with its magnificent high ceilings

iphelia was escorted to an abandoned maids room nestled under the wainscoting

where she promptly bumped her head

and passed the night with a head full of curious dreams

chapter3: threatening skies


Dan Leo said...

Love it.

The Fervid St John House calls to mind the venerable Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May, NJ.

human being said...

well... i have literally fallen in love with this story...

the tone of the narrator, the accumulative mood of suspense, the irony, and the cute visuals all make this story unforgettable...

looking forward to the rest of it... impatiently!

human being said...