Tuesday, June 14, 2011

as if...

by nooshin azadi


the wind that ruffled your long hair
was lying to me
the rain that fell on your charming face
was lying to me
the rose in your white clenched hands
was lying to me

you were dead
as if no words had ever been said

all were running away
never turning back
to look at you
for the last time
taking away all their fears with them

you were dead
as if no promises had ever been made

and they came
to burn down the house
to clear the garden
to change the course of the river
to rename your only child

they came
to drill the land
to dry the well
to sell the cattle
to blind your only child

you were dead
as if our eyes had never met

you laughed at my warning cries... why?
you thought my words were worthless... why?
you didn't trust my sharing hand
when i reached out to you... why?
you believed in a savior
in kings and queens
in knights and bishops
you believed poets could not even be pawns
they didn't know how to fight!

you were dead
as if we'd never slept in the same bed



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Andy Coffey said...

Reminds me of Rumi... to lovely effect.