Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fate and Free Will

by francis scudellari and nooshin azadi

All plain words by francis scudellari

All italic words by nooshin azadi

you are all alone when you hear a voice
a voice in you tells you to commence a journey
a journey starts along a long long path
a path that takes you to an unknown place
a place where your path intersects with a line
a line on the palm of a hand
a hand that belongs to you

Love came, and she didn’t
ask me to stake it,
the imbalance. I had
mistaken not choosing
for the choice, unwilling
to chance it and be
cheated by the distance.

I’m compelled to take a hand offered so tenderly, willing me

perchance chosen as my fate and freely fated as my choice
The nimble tongues of my unaccounted decisions speak me a destination
a destiny i will distance from with each decided step

included in the book "meeting through the wall" , available from lulu

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Kelly said...

Beautiful. I am looking forward to the arrival of my copy.