Friday, June 24, 2011

the penultimate hit, chapter 5: conspirators

by horace p sternwall

editorial consultant and executive producer: dan leo

illustrations by rhoda penmarq and roy dismas

nurse johnson pressed the little cigarette lighter type object and the car pulled off the road and headed across a dusty field. at the end of the field was an even flatter field and the car headed across that.
neither brock nor nurse johnson spoke. nurse johnson began humming a little tune.
"what's that?"
"that you're humming."
"it's 'who put the benzedrine in mrs murphy's ovaltine'. it's an old song. probably not too many people remember it."

"do you remember it?'
the car finally stopped beside a twisted little sagebrush. nurse johnson pointed the cigarette lighter at it.

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Dan Leo said...

Just for the record, as executive producer I want to assure the public that no actual Old Golds were smoked in the production of this episode.

Old 333 said...

Benzedrine in the ovaltine...that's so fine...