Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cape May memories: Daphne & Mary Elizabeth

Found some more of the old pictures, in a hatbox on top of a stack of old issues of the Catholic Standard & Times, up in Mrs Biddle's attic.

This was the day that Daphne drove Sister Mary Elizabeth back to the convent out at the Point to get Sister Mary Elizabeth's stuff...

After they packed her stuff in the car, Mary Elizabeth and Daphne walked over to look at the lighthouse.

Then they bought ice cream cones, and strolled over to look at the concrete ship. Daphne had never seen it before. She said it gave her "the creeps"…

Before driving back to Mrs Biddle's the girls decided to go rowing on Lily Lake.

Mary Elizabeth could see the red roof of the convent through the trees and the foliage.

"I won't be going back there again," she said.

Somehow Daphne took a wrong turn on the way back, and they were all the way up to Cape May Court House before either one realized they were on the Garden State Parkway.

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vive le roman-carte postale!