Friday, April 27, 2012

3 more poems by 3 more poets

illustrated by konrad kraus

artistic supervisor: rhoda penmarq


by regina osgood stapledon

oft have i wandered in the loveless night
and bid my soul take flight
with no angels wings to hide me
and desperation to guide me

let the moon possess me
the wind caress me
let the leaves and trees laugh
if only they knew half

of what i have had to flee
through all eternity
and what i still hope to find
though i be dumb and blind

in the flowing river the towers
reflected like dark flowers
whisper their refrain
"it will ever be the same"


by mary crow fogg

wrapped in her
purple shawl

watching the
red sparks fly

never to
be content

still filled with
rage after

forty years
keeping her

alive but
for what? go

ahead and
smoke what do

i care? i
haven't smoked

for thirty
years or more

you don't say

you know

by corinne delmonico

you always thought

that you
were so hot

and were always so surprised
when i didn't believe your lies

not even
the biggest lie of all

and maybe
i'm not the only one

you know
you know

i am doing all right
thank you

maybe tonight
i'll go over to joey's


almost everybody
will be there

joey will be
behind the counter

ruthie wiggins
will be staring at yet another run in her stockings

judy smith
will be popping her gum

will be staring out the window

and i'll walk up
to you

and say
oh hi, billy

paula isn't here tonight?

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Dan Leo said...

And the hits keep coming.