Friday, April 20, 2012

the lady and the cowpoke - a fragment

by horace p sternwall

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

you ride the range
you man so strange
would you like an apple or an o-range?
don't pick up that cat, it's got the mange

she was a good old kitty cat
and did her duties with eclat
but life has wrestled her to the mat
now there is no more this in her that

i'm glad you dropped by
look at the sky
my oh my
how time does fly

are you sure you don't want some tea?
the gypsy made it especially for me
despite its curious pungency
it really contains no mystery

poor man, you look pale
let me tell you a tale

once there were three princesses
with scarlet, gold and sable tresses
who always wore white satin dresses
and by a witch were given three guesses

as to which kingdoms they would rule
after they had finished school
and which emperors were the biggest fools
in which to sink their claws so cruel

a crimson cloud across the sky
drew the golden princess's eye
and with a sad and mournful sigh
she sat on a rock and began to cry

o sister, cried the scarlet maid
what has made you so afraid?
have all our secrets been betrayed?
and all our rescuers waylaid?


the cowpoke listened to the lady's tale
and smiled and nodded without fail
out in the distance he heard a wail
a leaf flew past the window -- next a gale?

the conversation reached another stage
the parrot looks so unhappy in his cage
let's turn the page
would you like to blow some gage?

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Dan Leo said...

I bow before the awesomeness that is Horace P. Sternwall.