Sunday, April 8, 2012

now in the long ago

by Peter Greene

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

now in the long ago

recycling: every single development tract with its own
                  plastic            stone              monument

if you ever wonder
why we seem to have no history (at least,
nothing more than a few thousand years anyway) - look
no further than the 
fact that laundry detergent
is becoming important    on the black market
as the starving hordes leave civilization behind and advance 

steadily into the ICE:
they are using
the bones of future study to wipe their behinds  andnow
build their rude huts which will  in the slow flame of Time

burn and fly away like ash: our great concrete cities
will be nothing more than
mysterious square shapes underwater: they will wonder,
this young future couple, diving from their yacht

in the new Maldives, erst while Manhattan
just what
could have caused such   artificial-looking reefs: surely
something natural, hard angles form in nature and
Man   never built so high in the long ago

copyright Peter Greene 2012.

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