Thursday, April 19, 2012

3 poems by 3 poets

illustrated by rhoda penmarq and roy dismas

song of the damned number 21

by horace p sternwall

i am just a lonely moocher
with no present past or future
and the windows watch me well
on the rainy street to hell

and my brain begins to hum
for a taste of opium
and its incandescent streams
of fervid fleeting dreams

i would sell my ragged soul
for the tenth part of a bowl
there's nowhere that i wouldn't slink
for just one more - one more drink

all you mandarins and missionaries
in your mansions museums and libraries
will you know a brighter final fate
than the stranger dragging past your gate?


by wiggly jones, "the little hippie boy"

i'm just a lonely boy, lonely and blue
i go to the library when my books are due
i turn on the tv when its time for my shows
i scratch my head and wiggle my toes

i do everything right on time
my socks are rolled and my poems rhyme
the patriots are my favorite team
and i think reality is just a dream

i sit on my bed because i don't own a chair
they say there's a great big world out there
i've never seen it so how do i know?
my bags are packed and i'm ready to go

here to go and ready to roll
i've got a gypsy in my soul
spring turns to summer, summer to fall
i am still waiting for the call

poem #4

by genghis gilgamesh

have you ever loved a woman
and she didn't love you back?
have you ever been hit by a freight train
when you were walking down the track?

have you ever watched a bumblebee

hover over a flower?

have you ever wished you could live forever

just for one hour?

have you ever watched a raindrop

disappear down a drain?

have you ever stepped on a spider

and never felt its pain?

have you ever gone to the drugstore

and ordered a sandwich there

and eaten it and eaten it and eaten it

until people started to stare?

have you ever loved a woman

and she called you a pathetic fool?

have you ever sat on the sidewalk

and wished you didn't have to go to school?


Peter Greene said...


Dan Leo said...

Yes, And magnificent, and innumerable other adjectives and adverbs.