Wednesday, April 25, 2012

machine christ

by Peter Greene

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

machine christ

and i saw skies
filled with craft like
dragonfly buses, dozens of wings and
snake-like golden metal body full of 
seats and handrails:

i saw
the night full of eyes, some like fireflies in the street 
some in
and amongst the stars themselves:

i saw
future princelings sport in luxury
high above the city, and these only
the underlings of under kings:

who ruled this place were
generally unseen, except when they wanted to be.

fountains that flowed fresh forever, without murmur, there were
magical shops, and everyone
rode inside a machine, spoke to a machine,

eyes with a machine and spent their time in 
what they could to the hidden intelligence 
now building itself:

then  the shining one   departed
told us
not to reproduce too much and that they would be
back to check on us, tuck 
us in before the next millennium: 

copyright Peter Greene 2012.

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Dan Leo said...

Nice one!

(Somehow I think that T.S. Eliot never said, "Nice one!", but, you know...)