Saturday, March 19, 2011

la femme, part 13

by gabrielle-jeanette perfidy

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

part thirteen of fifty-two

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"forgive me, but are there any other guests here now?"

part 14


Old 333 said...

Love the graphics; like an old adventure game. And I don't even have to solve the puzzles!

Dan Leo said...

"Perhaps my favorite of the so-called modernists, although I hesitate to use that term, as there is something essentially classical in Perfidy's work." -- Jorge Luis Borges ("The Playboy Interview", June, 1969)

rhoda said...

dan, i am happy to hear that senor borges had a few kind words for mlle perfidy. i know she had her issues with cocteau and roland
barthes - as for sartre and de beauvoir, as they say in this new world, "we won't go there"