Sunday, March 13, 2011

the quest for the golden cobra , or over the hills and into the mist

even numbered chapters by nooshin azadi
odd numbered chapters by rhoda penmarq

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

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chapter 6: through the door


with a piece of coal from the cold hearth
princess atusa drew a circle in the middle of the room
she held the bottle of potion in both hands
before stepping in the circle
she stared through the window
at the volatile sight looming on the horizon
then she uncapped the bottle
and drank all its content in one large gulp
her body bent abruptly
like a tender young tree struck with an axe
a black smoke filled up the room
whirling toward the ceiling
where it accumulated in a thick dark shadow
when the queen opened the door
the small pile of ash in the dark circle
dispersed throughout the room:
her eyes followed the dance of particles
on the marble floor
and were eventually transfixed on the circle
for a long moment
she smiled wryly
and turned back to leave the room with the proud steps of a conqueror:
two battles won in one day!
she whispered to herself victoriously
as she was passing through the door
her shadow in the door frame
stretched itself to the ceiling
darker than ever
a few hours later
the queen was kissing princess jimelda's forehead:
with a happy heart, she shed a few tears
and bid her farewell
when princess jimelda was leaving the hall
the queen leaned against an adorned column and closed her eyes
in a gesture of relief
not noticing her shadow in the door frame
stretching itself to the ceiling
darker than ever


chapter 7: get on board

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