Thursday, March 3, 2011

shortened story: disconnexus ii

Shortened Story: DISCONNEXUS II

The vidphone rang - again, lurblingly, it burbled and the line was lost. Cursing, he flung down the keyboard. It was his oldest friend - or was it? They had all
been comparing notes recently - some
childhood memories did not agree. Only on certain points - the presence of another friend, and then
who? it was i fought when the Duster (still
hung up with the farm gear, indestructible, ugly, and
torn by my foolishness but with who? Surely not with Scott Shoemaker - despite his
small size and my brags i was very afraid of him that night - a black belt from Greg
is no joke at all, although
he was small - i thought it was with dan i fought - but apparently
Dan was to fight Scott and so then I thought
i intervened to entertain as was my wont but no! it was
a conflict twixt another third i had not known was there and Dan - for Dan  was
rude, and crazier perhaps than anyone - he
wore our clothes and we stole his - he modelled
himself after us and we fantasy hung
him in a tree - later, events intervened but
then one day in a Toronto street -

so it was. They had found it out. There was no door, no mirror, no trick - but no way
to tell who you were really talking to,

these days. Memories differ...examine
all your friends closely in the screen
lest they be
alien to you - and you to them and both recoil
as at insects.



rhoda said...

this is the stuff to give the troops.

Dan Leo said...

"lurblingly" -- how long have I been searching for this very exact word?

Old 333 said...

Burble: a tiny urban bubo. Troops traipse the burbles, hunting teen-style bands such as the many affiliated Archies gangs.

Why isn't coffee illegal? I have far too much of it to hand. I could do myself a cerebrovascular injury here.

And thanks, you guys! You are very kind.


human being said...

not knowing
a dark place
i should
light up!

you have a unique diction(rooting from your unique attitude) very impressive!