Friday, March 11, 2011

you are not free: you just got used to your cages...

by nooshin azadi

picture by rhoda penmarq


freedom is not the blue sky
freedom is a blind child who asks why
freedom is not a pair of wings
freedom is a caged bird that sings
freedom is not living carefree
freedom is an endless loving spree
freedom is not providing for our needs
freedom is bowing to the wish of the weeds
freedom is not a long-winded speech
freedom is when silence can teach
freedom is not a delirious dance
freedom is a hanged man who's got no chance
freedom is not a river that flows
freedom is a wounded raven who crows
freedom is not a feather in the wind
freedom is an angel who virtuously has sinned
freedom is not the state of affairs
freedom is when a heart willingly dares
freedom is not a right of some kind
freedom is a state of mind



Old 333 said...

Thanks for the poem, nooshin azadi, and the picture, rhoda - lovely.

Peter G.

Dan Leo said...


human being said...

thanks for reading, dear Peter Greene!

in the beginning was the word... and the word was with god... but crow stole it from him!
thanks, dear Dan Leo!

Old 333 said...

That crow! what a burglar. Ever read bill Reid's Raven Steals The Light?

human being said...

i'm off to find it... ( or steal it?!)

human being said...

a collaborativework (o i want to see all those drawings!)
on native american (i've been one of them in a previous life! really!)
mythology(my favorite subject)
intro by levi-strauss (can't wait to read his words!)

but i couldn't even have a glance inside the book on amazon!

patience crow... you'll find a way to buy the book!

does he steal the light from gods? like prometheus who stole fire from them for man? like satan who stole awareness and knowledge from him?

well... myths are rooted in our collective unconscious...

thank you very much for this sparkly gem, dear Peter!