Monday, March 7, 2011

la femme, part 2

by gabrielle-jeanette perfidy

illustrated by rhoda penmarq

part two of fifty-two

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of all the people ariadne did not want to see at that time - just when her torrid affair with lucille was coming to an end - and uncle philip's art collection was to be auctioned off - aunt claudine may have topped the list.

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Old 333 said...


Dan Leo said...

Yeah, great, but is there any truth to these rumors of Perfidy and Horace P. Sternwall having had some sort of relationship? Or is this just one of the many legends that swirl in and around the mystery that is Horace's life?

human being said...

o une femme à la mode... très impressionnante!

rhoda said...

unlike sternwall, perfidy was an uncompromising minimalist. a four volume biography - now out of print and very scarce - was published by gallimard, authored by "francoise blanc" (thought by some to be a pseudonym of julia kristeva) and one reviewer pointed out that there were almost more pages in the biography than words in perfidy's complete ouevre - only a few thousand.
the complete 52 "chapters" of "la femme" contain exactly 1,378 words.