Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Tao of Pleasure

My Tao
Encourages the seeking
Of pleasure
Oneness and allness
In pursuit of the
Intimate, ultimate
Joining of two
Magnificent essences
Yin and Yang
In movement
Expanding and contracting
Hot and cold
Lucid and turbulent
Core to dactyl
Viscerally uniting

Like the sea to the shore
Anticipating the tides
Neap then ebb
Each wave teases the shore
Licking her sand with his salty tongue
Caressing her as he grows
And demands
More of her bounty
Then recedes
As she shows him
How to wait
He pulling back
She asking for more
Each cycling higher
Each gaining strength
Each surging from
The previous high
Until the foamy
Of sand and water
Crests in glorious


rhoda said...

excellent, mary, thank you very much!

Old 333 said...

Good to see you back in action, RP! Core to Thanks for the poem!


human being said...

then recedes...