Saturday, March 5, 2011

so close...

by nooshin azadi

picture by rhoda penmarq


some are so close
(like this piano in the living room)
i listen to them
but i don't have anything to tell them
some are far away
(like the pale moon
in the bright sky of this morning)
we've never talked
but they know every word of my stories


Old 333 said...

Lovely poem, lovely picture. Children's book! I think you guys more than have one in you, and a very good one, too. I have no clue how to, I don't have an agent or even know the name of one. But wow, this was a lovely clean crisp thing, a fine teaching/learning poem - and I have seen others here like that too. there was one about a cat that died, and you had made the cat's face in the sky....memory fails me, but I loved it.

More! And thank you both - or is it three?


human being said...

it's always 3, dear Old Peter: the writer, the illustrator, and the reader...
sometimes they are all one... but this time they are 3 different people... :)

thanks for your comment... so encouraging...
if i had a faster internet connection with less filtering, i would publish a few... :)