Friday, March 4, 2011

The Tao of Effort

by romantic poetess

pictures by rhoda penmarq

My Tao tells me
That when I feel
The pain in my head
In my neck
In my shoulders
It is time to find

The way to stillness
To refrain from effort
To listen and not speak
Listen to what
All those that surround you

Are saying
Are asking
Are wanting from you
Then ask
What do I want

For me?
Am I reaching
When I could be
Holding out my hand
To receive?

Am I trying
When I could be
Am I forgetting
When I could be

Is it an effort
When it could be


Old 333 said...

Perfect. A lesson I frequently need to relearn. Thanks, guys.


human being said...

a very beautiful duet of words and images!

think the answer lies in the form of hands: don't reach out... just be!